Frequently Asked Questions

My PlayOLG login details are invalid. How to reset my password?

Your username and password are the details needed to access the account. You should figure out whether your username or password is invalid. In both cases, you will need to enter your email, but you will get different information. By requesting your username, you will be reminded of it. By requesting your password, you will get the link to reset the old one and create a new one.

Winner’s Edge login details are not the same as your account details, so you cannot log in with the first mentioned.

Are withdrawal transactions fast?

Before you are allowed to make a withdrawal you need to add your banking details and support them with the help of a bank statement or Cheque. Your account should be verified within 5-7 days. When you receive verification of your banking method, you can request a withdrawal.

Each time you withdraw money, you need to wait for the approval. You can check your status in Banking. It is possible to cancel your request if it is still pending. When you got approval, you need to wait up to 5 days until the money reaches you.

Is it legitimate in Canada? Who licensed it?

It adheres to the rules and regulations that are enforced in Canada. It meets Fintrac requirements for money transfers.

What are Play OLG sister sites?

Wclc, Alc, LottoMax are similar sites if comparing their lottery section. Regarding casinos, ojo play is quite similar.

What are the ways to deposit? Which option is the best?

To top up your account, you can use:

- INTERAC Online

- Mastercard

- Debit Mastercard

- Visa

- Visa Debit

When deciding which option to choose pay attention to the method that is convenient for you. You will be asked to provide some information that proves the card belongs to you. The good news is that you may use different payment methods as often as every day.

The Canadian dollar is the only currency that is accepted. This is also the currency in which money is withdrawn.

What is the RTP rate of online casino PlayOLG?

It may be not so tempting as other platforms, but you can be 100% sure that the odds are real and not exaggerated as it is a governmental, and therefore an official platform for online gambling. For slots, RTP is around 85%. The average payout of lotteries is 50%. The RTP is provided for each slot individually.

What happens if my computer or mobile turned off while I was playing?

Such cases are indemnified. The thing is that the server of the casino continues the game and registers the result of your spin or spins if you auto-play. So, if you win something, your balance will signal you about it. It is not obligatory to observe the results.

What is the maximum deposit?

There is no maximum unless you set a limit on your weekly deposits.

What is the required deposit?

You are requested to deposit at least 15 CAD.

Who owns the PlayOLG casino?

The government of Ontario is in charge of OLG corporation since 2006. Having spread its offline facilities, it started developing in the online industry. The PlayOLG was created in 1975. Since then, more than 50 billion Canadian dollars have been won by the dwellers of Ontario.